The hottest trend in the AEC industry is Building Information Modeling, often known as BIM or BIM modeling (which is a little bit like “ATM machine,” but we let it slide here at Archidata). With BIM software, a project’s architects, engineers, and construction firms not only get a 3D view of a structure and its completed state after construction is finished, but they also get a 4D view, seeing how a structure actually operates over time. And, of course, 2D drawings, images, and schematics can be pulled out of the model at any time for ease of use and AutoCAD work can be easily integrated.

Here at Archidata Services, we specialize in Autodesk Revit modeling services, capturing the necessary as-built data that populates the Revit model via 3D laser scanning and then providing an as-built model to project stakeholders so they can begin the design and planning of expansions or rehabilitation projects with all the building information at hand, right in the cloud.

Then, as the project progresses, we continue to provide scanning services for documentation of that progress and confirmation that there have been no deviations from the project plans. As experts in Revit modeling and the whole Autodesk suite, we work as partners with your project’s architect and make sure the project’s engineers and construction project managers have all the information they need for an efficient and effective construction project.

Architectural BIM modeling is quickly becoming industry standard and Archidata is among the most experienced users of Revit and a leading provider of BIM modeling services.

Revit Architecture (RVT): Working with Revit 3D

Revit 3D has revolutionized the architecture industry, just as Revit Structure has reinvented structural engineering, allowing for an interactive and collaborative architectural and engineering experience. Every project stakeholder can now not only see project plans, but can also model how a building will perform — from energy use to space planning to daylight analysis, even plumbing flow via Revit MEP.

Best of all for those tasked with materials estimation, the highly detailed information allows for the confident preparation of materials so that when they show up on site, they fit as expected and there is very little need for rework and refit. And while that may be relatively commonplace for new builds, with 3D laser scanning, which is accurate down to the millimeter, this is now true for renovation and rehabilitation projects as well.

By using 3D laser scanning on an existing structure, and then bringing that information into a 3D Revit model, architects can now design around as-built plans that account for every deviation from plumb and level, and document every alteration of the original building. Nor do architects and engineers have to do frequent site visits, as the BIM model is a 3D representation of reality, allowing for an easy tour of the site from your office desk.

Revit 3D BIM Modeling Services

A Revit model for an existing structure is only as good as the data that informs it. The Archidata team is among the most experienced 3D laser scanning professionals you’ll find anywhere in the country, and we have worked on some of New York City’s most high-profile renovations.

We handle everything an architect needs to begin work on a renovation, rehabilitation, or expansion, traveling to the job site, quickly gathering a complete 3D point cloud of the structure, inside and out, and then inputting that information into Revit 3D.

From there, our modeling team builds out a functional Revit model, handing over a project that is ready for design, where you can be confident in the accuracy of the information, down to the millimeter. If the walls bow, if the floor sags, if the building leans, the 3D scans will capture that and ensure there are no surprises when the construction team begins work.

We have worked with architects all over the world, many of whom no longer need to travel to a job site to begin work. With the Revit models we provide, the reflection of reality is so accurate, it’s as though architects are working with the very buildings themselves. And if you like to work with 2D plans, these can be easily extracted from the Revit model and then reincorporated into the master model.

This allows you to create with confidence and save money on virtually every step of the project the rest of the way.

Getting a Revit Architectural Quote

Looking to get a 3D Revit model started and need Revit modeling services? Contact us today and we’ll get you a quote on the job in short order. From our base here in New York City, we can quickly travel throughout the Tri-State Area for architectural BIM services and we often travel around the country for the right project. Let us help you understand your 3D laser scanning and Revit modeling needs and get you a quick and accurate quote on getting from building to BIM.