While the Building Owners and Managers Association may set the standards for building measurement nationally, everyone in New York City knows there’s only one way to measure that matters: The REBNY standards.

Whether you’re working in residential or commercial real estate, the Real Estate Board of New York standards determine how much usable square feet you have, and every square foot of real estate matters in New York City. Knowing your loss factor — the difference between your usable area and your rentable area — can make all the difference in your revenue and margin projections.

That’s why it’s vital you use contemporary measurement techniques like 3D laser scanning to ensure that no square foot goes unaccounted for. Further, with an experienced team, knowledgeable in the standards, you know you’ll never lose out on a square inch of rentable space due to a lack of understanding. As you prepare lease documents, make sure you work with a trusted measurement partner, experienced in 3D laser scanning.

REBNY floor area standards

REBNY standards can be arcane, but for experienced professionals in the New York real estate industry (and beyond), they are as familiar as the subway map.

Knowing that floor space should be measured to the outside surface of the building, with subtractions for elevator shafts and their enclosing walls, mechanical rooms and their enclosing walls, and electrical closets is a start. Understanding the different rules for measuring cellar space is important. Now pile on measurement standards for retail space and calculations for loss factor.

Unfortunately, if you follow up that knowledge with conventional measuring-tape methods, the process can be laborious and inaccurate.

If you combine that knowledge with 3D laser scanning, it can be done quickly and easily.

REBNY Area Calculation services

With decades of experience working in New York City, Archidata has a firm grasp on Real Estate Board of New York standards and is a leader in the use of 3D laser scanning technology. Whether you’re preparing a commercial or residential project, we’re ready to make sure you have fast and accurate calculations of your usable and rentable area.

Call us for a consultation to see how much more efficient and cost effective 3D laser scanning can be.