For more than 30 years, Archidata Services has worked with hundreds of architects, engineers, and construction firms as they’ve continually reimagined the great city of New York. One thing we know for sure: A good set of as-built drawings can mean the important difference — for your company and your client — between a wild success and job site full of frustration and rework.

With 3D laser scanning, you have the opportunity to work with 2D CAD and 3D Revit drawings that are accurate to the millimeter and accessible from anywhere on the planet. By working from a direct record of reality, you can be confident that the building plans you design and work from won’t have to be adjusted on site and the materials you bring to the job site will fit the first time.

While it might be tempting to work from the plans that guided the original build, anyone who’s worked in New York City knows those original drawings are very unlikely to reflect today’s reality and recent changes. Walls get knocked down. Windows get cut into the wall. Bathrooms get installed. The historical record is inexact.

A good set of plans created via 3D laser scanning can reveal all of those important deviations from the original plans in short order, making any construction project easier.

Working with As-Built Drawings

In a perfect world, every corner would be 90 degrees, every wall plumb, and every floor completely level. But if you’ve worked in New York City, you know that those are rarely the conditions you find in any building. Changes made to the original building should be expected.

Many people know that the first step in a rehabilitation project is to complete an existing conditions survey in order to create a set of as-built drawings. However, working with traditional tools, measuring by hand and gathering single data points, you get an idealized version of the existing conditions, making any designs you create full of guesses and assumptions. This can create costly delays as construction contractors cut materials to fit on site.

However, when you use 3D laser scanning, the CAD and Revit drawings you receive will be a true-to-life rendering, allowing you to account for every deviation that has built up over the years. This allows vendors to pre-cut with confidence and makes on-site installation quick and painless, with little-to-no on-site adjustments and refits.

Contracting As-Built Services

If you’re working in New York City, or anywhere in the Tri-State area, the Archidata Services team of experienced laser scanning professionals can conduct a set of scans and produce as-built drawings quickly and efficiently, setting your project up for success.

For the right job, Archidata is also available to travel across the United States for as-built services, as our scanners are compact and portable. We’ve done work for any number of large chains across the country as they’ve expanded and renovated.

Call us today to discuss your project and we’ll show you how easy and effective a set of as-built drawings derived from 3D laser scanning can be.