As an architect, you provide value with your creativity, experience, knowledge, and skill. Clients see those reflected in beautiful drawing and concept designs that bring imaginary buildings to life, right before their eyes. You should be spending your time in creating, not in reproducing those designs in Revit and AutoCAD — let the technical people handle that.

As you move from concept to reality, your plans will need to be drafted for design development and construction drawings into CAD programs, which can be awfully tedious. Architectural drafting services take that time-intensive work off your hands and deliver back documents and deliverables that are up to industry standards and allow for work to move forward smoothly.

Why Use an Architectural Drafting Service?

Quite simply, companies that specialize in architectural drafting can produce results more efficiently, using trained professionals who know these CAD programs like the back of their hands. This allows architects, designers, and engineers to focus on what their deep training and skillsets can provide to the project while the laborious drafting work is done in the background.

More importantly, these trained professionals work to industry standards, so the CAD drawings are understood by every stakeholder: architects, engineers, contractors, and developers.

Especially if these drawings involve rehabilitations or retrofits or expansions of existing buildings, the use of 3D laser scanning to create highly accurate as-built drawings as the base for the CAD drawings in Revit or AutoCAD can propel a project forward with efficiencies created via off-site fabrication and a near-total elimination of on-site rework.

CAD Drafting Services Must Haves

All CAD drafting services should provide:

  • 2D or 3D deliverables
  • Accurate information derived from real-world conditions
  • Set understanding about level of detail

If the CAD drafting service isn’t a force multiplier for your business, what’s the point? The process should be seamless between your team and your service provider’s.

Are All Drafting Services the Same? 

No! Many companies, including some based overseas, can take hand drawings or other 2D plans and turn them into CAD documents, but many of them are operating only in the theoretical. This might be okay for new builds in pristine conditions.

However, especially in places like New York City, it’s rare that anyone is simply building from scratch. By using 3D laser scanning, drafting services can not only provide the CAD drawings, but also place them in the landscape. And if you’re working on a renovation or refurbishment, it’s vital that you have accurate as-built drawings with which to start your CAD drafting.

If your drafting service doesn’t have the ability to do reality capture, you’re potentially adding unnecessary rework to your project.

Outsource Your Architectural Drafting Services to Us

Archidata Services was founded by architects and is ready and able to create AutoCAD and Revit models right from architectural and engineering plans. Even better, by using 3D laser scanning, we’re able to place those drawings in an as-built or reality-based environment, giving you important context as you move into the contracting and building stages.

Call us to see how competitive and efficient our architectural drafting services can be.